About Spirits of French Lick

From 1855 to 1914, six counties across Southern Indiana were known as ‘The Black Forest’ where 155 distilleries made some of the world’s greatest apple brandy. Indiana is soaked with distilling history. It’s that deep history that West Baden Springs’ Spirits of French Lick puts into their award-winning craft spirits.

Founded in 2015, Spirits of French Lick is the largest pot-still distillery in Indiana. For their bourbons, they use a double-pot distillation method. They use two different aging techniques, because they know each spirit is unique. Some of their craft spirits are aged in an outdoor dunnage, some in a barrel chai. No matter where they are, they rest in #2 charred barrels.

Spirits of French Lick has a simple mission. Make craft spirits with locally-sourced, alternative grains that are ground fresh onsite daily. Their innovations continue with the yeast. Some they’ve propagated themselves, others have been collected from historic Hoosier distilleries. All of this boils down to one thing, their craft spirits offer an authentic taste of Indiana terroir.

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