About Star Union Spirits

Who doesn’t like kicking back with a tasty libation? Jeff Yosowitz and Bob Windy do. After meeting on a camping trip years ago, the duo started making wine together. Winemaking evolved into brandy. Before long, Jeff and Bob founded their independent distillery Star Union Spirits in Peru, Illinois.

Ever since they cut the ribbon and opened their doors in 2016, Star Union Spirits has separated themselves with their keen eye for even the most minute details. From the raw materials to their ornate labels, the Illinois distillery sweats the little thing to ensure every facet of their process fosters unique and unexpected qualities in their small batch spirits.

Keeping a piece of their winemaking roots, Star Union Spirits still uses the early-20th century wine press Jeff and Bob used. They shape their spirits using pure limestone water, fresh fruits, local grains, and a custom built still. And Star Union Spirits has a lot on the horizon. Until all that’s ready, they’ll fill up their glasses to invigorate, libate, and inclinate.

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