About Steamboat Whiskey

High up in the Rocky Mountains of ‘Ski Town USA,’ a husband and wife duo opened up Steamboat Springs’ first and only craft distillery. This veteran-owned distillery’s award-winning craft spirits are just what you need to warm up after a long day on the mountains in the picturesque ski town, or to unwind after a long day in the office.

Founded in 2017 by Nathan and Jessica Newhall after an epiphany on their honeymoon, Steamboat Whiskey Company is distilling award-winning craft spirits with a purpose. As a 13-year United States Navy veteran, Nathan’s love of distilling was born from the need to help his fellow veterans, and he wasted no time doing just that.

The first craft spirit made by Steamboat Whiskey Company was their Warrior Whiskey, a blend of bourbon and rye, aged in a Caribbean rum cask. A portion of the profits from their award-winning Warrior Whiskey is donated to a variety of veteran support organizations. To date, they’ve donated over $40,000. Have a sip with purpose.

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