About Steel Toe Distillery

The backwoods of Potomac, Montana is home to all sorts of wildlife. Beers, deer, bald eagles. And Steel Toe Distillery. Founded in 2013 and run by a husband-wife team, Steel Toe Distillery is crafting all natural craft spirits, including whiskey, gin, vodka and liqueur.

Founded, owned and operated by Carl and Christina Bock, Steel Toe Distillery is a true ‘mom and pop’ shop. Prior to founding Steel Toe, Carl was a wolf handler. Following the birth of their first son, Carl needed a job. Believe it or not, there were not many available positions in the world of wolf handling. So, Carl put his efforts into another one of his passions. Craft spirits.

All of Steel Toe Distillery’s distinctive craft spirits are sugar based. The recipe for the base spirit was inspired by an old moonshiner’s recipe for ‘good whiskey.’ Typically reserved for weddings and the moonshiner’s personal stash, these unique craft spirits now have a place on your bar cart.

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