About Still Pond Distillers

Long before the Cowart family started their distillery, the land where Still Pond Distillers sits was legendary for local Georgia moonshiners. Well-known moonshiners would use the cool spring water flowing from their pond in their distillation process. Still Pond Distillers continues the distilling legacy of their storied ground. Legally this time.

Still Pond Distillers is a third generation family business. It was originally founded as a vineyard and farm winery in 1968 by head distiller Charlie Cowart’s grandfather, Charles Sr. A lifetime on the farm gave Charlie a passion for growing and living off the land. And when Charlie returned home from college in 2012, they added the distilling operations to the winery.

The distilling began out of necessity. The family didn’t want to see the excess fruit they’d grown go to waste. That’s what sets Still Pond Distillers apart from the pack. They’re distilling craft spirits from the ground up. Most everything that goes into their craft vodka, moonshine, bourbon and gin starts in the soil at their farm.

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