About Strongwater Mountain Elixirs

Have you heard the one about a chemist, herbalist, and mixologist? Inspired by sixteenth century strongwater shops that sold and served plant-based tinctures and fueled by a shared love of botanical cocktails, the trio founded Strongwater Mountain Elixirs in 2014.

This Denver, Colorado-based brand is here to lift your spirits. Strongwater Mountain Elixirs focuses on bitters, the oft-overlooked cocktail essential, to raise signature cocktails to new heights. Their craft bitters are hand-made in small batches, and obsessively calibrated to add layered dimensions and playful depths to any cocktail.

The key to Strongwater Mountain Elixirs’ signature bitters is the brand’s refusal to use anything artificial. Made with real, organic ingredients, Strongwater uses the entire plant when they hand-craft their unique bitters. The Strongwater difference is one you have to taste to experience. Just a couple dashes turns your cocktail into an enchanting elixir.

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