About Sugar House Distillery

Since 2013, Sugar House Distillery has been on a journey to create exceptional craft spirits. They searched the world over for flavorful grains and pure water, only to discover it in their backyard. Robust grains flourishing across Utah and pure mountain snowmelt flowing from the Wasatch Front gives Sugar House everything they need to make small batch spirits brimming with authentic Utah flavor.

Founder James Fowler has enjoyed sharing craft beverages with friends and family since he started homebrewing back in the early 1990s. After visiting a number of distilleries, James became entranced by the beauty of a copper still. Shortly thereafter, Fowler’s appreciation for good whiskey became a passion for the art of distilling.

Sugar House Distillery distinguishes themselves by being a grain-in distillery. Meaning they leave the grains in during the fermentation and distillation processes for additional oils and extra flavor. As a result, Sugar House’s award-winning, small batch spirits possess a rich mouthfeel and unique flavors you won’t find anywhere else.

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