About Sukkah Hill Spirits

Beverly Hills has a charm that’s unlike anyplace else. Everything’s glamorous. All the time. Though they fell backwards into it, Howard and Marni Witkin are busy adding even more glamour to the city with Sukkah Hill Spirits and their award-winning liqueurs.

Initially, Howard and Marni, a school teacher and software geek, were just making their liqueurs for dinner and party guests at home. They never thought of it as more than just a fun hobby. But their friends started demanding more! They couldn’t get enough of Howard and Marni’s Etrog Liqueur. Before they could take a breath, Howard and Marni had a distillery on their hands.

Sukkah Hill Spirits makes two distinct, award-winning liqueurs. Their Etrog Liqueur and Besamim Liqueur, both of which are certified Kosher. Made from a citron that’s said to share the aroma of the Garden of Eden, their Etrog Liqueur propelled them to where they are today. Sitting in Beverly Hills with their own slice of heaven.

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