About Swoon Mixers

Sugar is bad, but sweetness is great. That’s the one simple reason Jen Ross and Cristina Ros Blankfein founded Swoon in 2015. Everyone is always hunting the next mouth-wateringly delicious craft cocktail. With Swoon’s naturally sugar-free cocktail syrups and mixers, you can enjoy them guilt-free.

Because of her Type 1 Diabetes, Jen has spent her lifetime checking every nutrition label, searching for delicious, natural products that won’t raise her blood sugar. After meeting Cristina in business school, the pair decided to lead the charge against sugar. They started in the only logical first place. Their favorite cocktails.

The pursuit of sugar-free cocktail mixers eventually led Jen and Cristina to monk fruit, a naturally sweet melon native to Southeast Asia that lacks the calories and carbs of sugar. Swoon uses handpicked monk fruit in their Swoon Syrup and Mixers to achieve the perfect balance of sweetness. With Swoon’s zero-sugar cocktail mixers and syrups, pour yourself a glass of carefree.

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