About Taconic Distillery

Taconic Distillery’s line of small batch spirits were inspired by the great outdoors. The independent Stanfordville, New York distillery’s craft whiskeys and gin are best enjoyed after a day spent outside. Could be hunting, finishing, canoeing, or enjoying a shady tree, Taconic Distillery’s craft spirits are the perfect way to unwind.

Paul J. Coughlin founded the independent distillery in 2013. An avid outdoorsman with a strong desire to work the land, he and his family acquired Rolling Hills Farm. Bourbon aficionado that he is, Paul was inspired by the farm’s lush corn fields and natural spring water. Soon after, he and Taconic Distillery were making award-winning spirits.

Water is a key for fine whiskey. And Taconic Distillery has been blessed with singularly sweet water. The spring water rises from a deep dolostone deposit right on their farm. The water is responsible for the luscious texture in their spirits. Barrel aged in old shipping containers for four years, their small batch whiskeys are exposed to intense temperature fluctuations for a richer flavor.

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