About Tall Ship Distillery

The age of tall ships docking in New Hampshire unloading and delivering alcohol has long since passed. But it’s an age that Tall Ship Distillery did not want to see forgotten. With every bottle of their craft rums, the city of Dover’s favorite craft distillery honors those tall ships of yesteryear.

Just like the name of the distillery, and the history that it honors, founder John Pantelakos got the idea of starting a distillery on a cruise ship. On the cruise, John got his first taste of aged rum. It has been on his mind ever since. He started doing endless research into how rum was made, and started tinkering on his own. By 2013, he welded himself a 250-gallon still and founded Tall Ship Distillery.

Tall Ship Distillery makes a range of rums and vodka. But none have proved to be more popular than their Appledore Rum. It starts with their White Island Rum, which is then flavored with maple and apples for an extraordinary combination. It’s a delectably sweet, smooth and rich dark rum.

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