About Ten to One Rum

For far too long, rum has been unable to move away from stereotypical tropes and a complicated history. Founded in 2018, this Caribbean rum brand is helping the island spirit shed it’s caricaturistic associations with swashbuckling pirates. Get to know true Caribbean culture with Ten To One Rum.

Founder Marc Farrell was born and raised in the Caribbean. As such, Marc has been a student of rum his entire life. This life-long education instilled in him a deep appreciation for rum’s decorated heritage, and the role it plays in contemporary Caribbean culture. When he founded Ten To One Rum, he created a craft spirit that is simultaneously contemporary and grounded in authentic elements of Caribbean culture. 

To shape their small batch rums, Ten To One sources a variety of rums from across the Caribbean. Both pot-still and column-still rums from Barbados, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Trinidad and Tobago are masterfully blended into White and Dark Rum. Broaden your horizons with Ten To One Rum. It’s rum reimagined.

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