About Tequila Gran Dovejo

At the core of every bottle from Tequila Gran Dovejo is the commitment to following the practices of the ancestors. Each masterfully crafted bottle is made in the way they have been throughout history. And while using those methods and processes may be challenging, Tequila Gran Dovejo finds them to be the most rewarding.

For five generations, the Feliciano Vivanco estate has been nurturing and growing some of the finest Blue Weber Agave in all of Jalisco, Mexico. Located in an area known as the ‘golden triangle’ of Jalisco, they attribute their incomparable agave to the acidic, iron-rich soil of their land. With generations of tradition, they transform the impeccable agave plants into unforgettable craft tequila.

Their craft tequila production process includes a number of steps that are unique to Tequila Gran Dovejo. Of the most important is that they distill the tequila to 98 proof. This allows the agave to fully express its characteristics within the final product. That means you’re filling your glass with a more flavorful tequila.

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