About The Bad Stuff Tequila

The Bad Stuff Tequila is made with three generations and nearly 100 years worth of tradition. With a focus on artisanal and eco-friendly practices, The Bad Stuff was founded in 2015 by owners Darren Enenstein and Felipe Soto-Mares, who also serves as the tequila distillery’s master distiller.

Felipe’s passion for tequila starts with his grandfather, who distilled and bootlegged the agave spirit all throughout Prohibition. The tradition was passed down to Felipe’s uncle, who in turn passed it to Felipe. Not only is small batch tequila in Felipe’s blood, for his extensive work with the spirit, he earned the title of Maestro Catador in 2008

The Bad Stuff Tequila is still made using the techniques Felipe learned from his uncle. Using homegrown agave and water drawn from one of the two artesian wells on site. Each of their award-winning tequilas are double distilled in stainless steel then finished in copper alembic stills, making for a uniquely flavorful experience.

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