About The Depot Craft Brewery and Distillery

In 1910, a three-story building was constructed in Reno to be the headquarters of the Nevada-California-Oregon railway. The transportation hub served local ranchers and farmers sending livestock, wool, hay, and grain. Now, it houses Depot Reno Craft Brewery & Distillery, an independent distillery founded by friends who are continuing the tradition of bringing the community together over local fare.

A mutual fascination with fermentation science brought Chris Shanks and Brandon Wright together. Throughout their years of obsessing, the two friends dreamt up a distillery anchored by community history and unique distilling techniques. In 2014, they founded Depot Reno. But that hasn’t stopped their dreaming. They continually push the bar with their dedication to enthusiastic experimentation.

The Depot Reno stays true to their vision, sourcing all of their grains from local ranches, then milling, mashing, fermenting and distilling those grains on-site. The cool summer nights, scorching summer days, and cold, dry winters pack Depot Reno’s craft spirits with nuanced flavors unique to the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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