About The Northern Maine Distilling Company

An engineering husband and wife duo are behind one of America’s most awarded vodka brands. The Northern Maine Distilling Company’s Twenty 2 Vodka. With flavored options from Cinnamon Stick to Black Peppercorn and straight vodka options, Brewer, Maine’s craft distillery is leading the way with their silky smooth vodkas.

Most people walk out of college with a degree and some fun stories. Scott Galbiati walked out with a wife and a concrete business plan. Scott, together with Jessica Jewell, his wife, got working on that business plan right after they graduated in 2006. By 2008, they founded The Northern Maine Distilling Company. By 2009, their Twenty 2 Vodkas were winning awards.

Despite Jessica’s family history as potato farmers, The Northern Maine Distilling Company produces their vodka from corn. Specifically, New England corn. After rounds of recipe testing, they found that New England corn combined with water from Northern Maine yielded the sweetest, crispiest vodka.

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