About The Original Hatfield Family Moonshine

Deep in the backwoods of southern West Virginia, the men of the infamous Hatfield family have been blending unique moonshines and whiskeys for over 150 years. With original recipes passed down from generation to generation, Hatfield Family Moonshine is distilling more than just craft spirits. They’re distilling their heritage.

In 2014, Mark and Brenda Hatfield decided to open the Hatfield family’s secret bible of recipes to the public. Mark’s moonshining experience started before most people start kindergarten. He would keep watch for people in the middle of the forest while his father checked on the mashes and distilled moonshine.

The award-winning craft moonshine they offer today are the same spirits that Mark’s great great grandfather, Devil Anse Hatfield, drank. With original recipes dating back to 1863, each bottle tastes like tradition. Their Honey Charred in a Jar is an uncommon whiskey, aged in mason jars with small strips of charred oak floating in the whiskey. Have a sip and join the sweeter side of the feud.

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