About The Sustainable Spirit Company

Across the pond in London, The Sustainable Spirit Company is distilling some of the finest, environmentally friendly craft spirits the Eastern hemisphere has to offer. For The Sustainability Spirit Company, their mission is their name.

Each of The Sustainable Spirit Company’s craft spirits are handmade without artificial flavors or additives. Their true rallying cry comes in the form of reducing unnecessary packaging waste. Their craft spirits are sold in ‘bottles-for-life,’ and refills are available in poly-laminate pouches. As of 2019, they have helped save over 300,000 bottles from being thrown away.

Their award-winning Boxer Gin is named for famed 19th century boxer Thomas King, aka ‘The Fighting Sailor,’ who would famously swig gin before each fight. This unique gin is the product of a new process of steam distilling fresh Black Juniper, grown only in the high Himalayas, for 20 hours. With their singular distillation process, The Sustainable Spirit Company adds a vibrant punch to their gin that would make its namesake proud.

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