About Three Rivers Distilling Co.

The founders of Three Rivers Distilling Co. knew they wanted to create an asset to their local community. And after a trip around the United States visiting a number of extraordinary distilleries, they knew that Fort Wayne, Indiana would benefit from the craft distillery experience.

Their doors opened in 2016, and Three Rivers Distilling Co. has remained a Fort Wayne staple ever since. They’re the city’s first and open distillery, and a true Indiana singularity. Their small batch spirits are rooted in local, organic, non-GMO ingredients and authentic, traditional practices.

The Three Rivers Distilling Co. ethos is defined by hand-crafting real ingredients from trusted sources. They get their grains and ingredients from farmers and suppliers they know and visit.

Like the coffee beans in Night Owl Coffee Liqueur that are sourced from a local roaster who travels to South America regularly to ensure the beans quality.

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