About Tiburon Rum

There’s only one distillery in Belize that’s aging rum. The family-run establishment is also one of Belize’s oldest. Tiburon Rum is handcrafted in small batches, shaped by the warm Caribbean breezes. Most people are unaware Belize is making rum. Tiburon Rum is here to change that.

Tiburon Rum is handmade from the finest local ingredients, offering a special taste of the Caribbean country. To earn the title of Tiburon Rum, a variety of Belizean rums are aged at different intervals in the warm, exotic breeze. Each with their own unique characteristics, the rums are blended before a second aging period.

This secondary maturation process in used Kentucky bourbon barrels is where the small batch Tiburon Rum distinguishes itself. The stunning spirit attains the illustrious golden hue, impeccable oaky accents, smooth body, and lingering spice finish that make it an award-winner.

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