About Timber Creek Distillery

On the banks of Juniper Creek, down a winding dirt road and past a small lake filled with Large Mouth Bass, you’ll find Timber Creek Distillery. Florida’s best kept secret, the award-winning distillery produces a full range of craft spirits including whiskies, rums, gin and vodka.

Camden Ford had recently relocated to the Florida panhandle after a 16-year career in high-tech engineering when he met his neighbor, Aaron Barnes. Camden and Aaron bonded quickly over the mutual love of homebrewing. Frequently acting as each other’s taste testers. Before long, they wanted to make something stronger. Neighbors became business partners when they founded Timber Creek Distillery in 2014.

Timber Creek Distillery’s award-winning craft spirits get their start differently than most craft spirits. They distill each of their locally sourced grains separately before blending them to create their whiskies, rums, gin and vodka. Their individual distillation method makes each grain shine on its own, adding layers of complexity and depth to even the simplest spirits.

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