About Tin City Distillery

For as long as distilleries have existed, they’ve been crafting spirits from what is local and readily available. Tin City Distillery in Paso Robles is no different. Centered in California wine country, Tin City Distillery uses the region’s delicious commodity to create their craft spirits.

Opened to the public in June 2015, Tin City Distillery has been serving up small batch staples like rye, bourbon, and vodka. Taking full advantage of their winery and vineyard neighbors, Tin City uses wines and grape juices from a long list of Paso Robles purveyors and create their line of brandies, Wine Shine.

You may not have known you were looking for Mango Ginger Black Pepper Brandy. But you’re going to be happy you found it. The sweetness of tropical mango pairs beautifully with the brightness of the ginger. And the bright, lingering bit of black peppercorn will keep you coming back for another glass. And another. And another.

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