About Titan Craft Cocktails

Welcome to Austin, Texas, where all things weird and craft are encouraged. Pushing the craft scene towards new frontiers is the father and son owned Titan Craft Cocktails. Founded in 2017, Titan Craft Cocktails is serving up ready-to-drink, barrel aged versions of classic cocktails.

Jacob Wiviott and his father, Jay, were out to dinner when the inspiration for Titan Craft Cocktails hit them. The bar they were at was experimenting with aging a few liters of a manhattan. Intrigued, Jacob and Jay ordered a pair of aging cocktails. It was love at first sip. Jacob spent the next months researching and developing recipes for more aged cocktails, landing on the cocktails that make up their product line.

Titan Craft Cocktails concocts three different classic cocktails. The Negroni, Old Fashioned and Boulevardier. Each cocktail batch is aged in American white oak barrels for a month. The aging process amplifies the cocktails’ flavors and the spirits’ rich characteristics. Titan Craft Cocktails were designed for good times with good friends.

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