About Transformation Spirits

When you’re welcomed to the ‘Gateway to the South,’ you might expect to be greeted with a glass full of bourbon, but craft distilleries are here to subvert your expectations. Meet Louisville’s Transformation Spirits, where they’re distilling award-winning gins with an indisputable Kentucky twang.

Transformation Spirits was founded in 2017 by Stuart Stein and Tara Ogden. Combined, the two founders have over 25 years experience in the hospitality industry. Tara is an artist with years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry crafting imaginative promotional campaigns. As an executive chef, Stuart spent his years combining and developing layers of flavors.

Transformation Spirits currently has two variations of their award-winning gin: London Dry Gin and their limited release Bourbon Barreled Gin. By resting their gin in Kentucky bourbon barrels, the floral and citrus notes are married with hints of brown sugar and vanilla, rounding out the craft spirit. This is a bourbon drinker’s gin, and it’s unmistakably Kentuckian.

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