About Twin Creeks Distillery

In ‘The Moonshine Capital of the World,’ Franklin County’s Twin Creeks Distillery produced the county’s first legal liquor since Prohibition. Named for the street the founder grew up on and featuring his great grandfather’s fiddle in the logo, Twin Creeks Distillery puts family, community and history into every award-winning bottle they distill.

Playing the fiddle and distilling liquor are the two passions of Twin Creeks Distillery’s founder, Chris Prillaman. Both of which were passed down to him from previous generations. Chris’s great grandfather, ‘Peg’ Hatcher was a legendary moonshiner that was indicted in a nationally recognized conspiracy trial. 80 years after his great grandfather’s trial, Chris opened the doors of Twin Creeks Distillery in 2015.

Even Twin Creeks Distillery’s distilling equipment has history. Much of their equipment has been reclaimed and rebuilt from old pieces, some of them found in the woods, and some donated by friends. But all of them are used to make their award-winning craft moonshine, brandy and white whiskeys from time-tested recipes passed between generations.

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