About Twin Stills Moonshine Distillery

Not many distilleries that opened in 2016 can say they benefit from nearly a century’s worth of distilling knowledge. But that is exactly the case for Riverhead, New York’s family owned Twin Stills Moonshine Distillery. The distillery was founded on a wealth of knowledge passed down from the founder’s grandfather.

Growing up, founder Joe Cunha would spend his summers with his grandfather in Portugal. With an observant eye, he learned to distill watching his grandfather. But as the years grew on, the stockpile of tens of thousands of gallons distilled by Joe’s grandfather dwindled. So did his distillation traditions. Joe took it upon himself to open a distillery and keep the family tradition alive.

Made with local New York corn, Twin Stills Moonshine Distillery crafts a wide range of flavored moonshines. From their Apple Pie Moonshine that tastes just like mom’s on a summer day. To a Maple Pecan Moonshine that perfectly represents autumn like a pile of raked leaves. They have something for every moonshine drinker. And every season.

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