About Twin Valley Distillers

The first operating distillery in Montgomery County, Maryland is the product of a retired chef with a serious passion for Maryland. Founded in 2014 by Edgardo Zuniga, Twin Valley Distillers uses locally sourced ingredients to make their craft spirits uniquely products of the ‘Free State.’

Founder, owner and master distiller, Edgardo Zuniga, developed a fascination with pairing spirits with food over the course of his career as a chef. His fascination pivoted to an interest in alcohol production. Before long, Edgardo took his interest to a new level founding Twin Valley Distillers.

All of the grains and raw products used in Twin Valley Distillers’ rums, whiskeys and liqueurs are sourced from within a 50-mile radius of their distillery in Rockville. Led by Edgardo’s authoritative chef’s palate, Twin Valley Distillers strives to make all of their ‘Maryland Authentic.’ Including their 1812 Maryland Bourbon Whiskey, the first straight bourbon made in Maryland.

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