About Uncle Nearest

With their robust, award-winning whiskeys, Uncle Nearest tells the tale of one of the world’s greatest whiskey-makers. A story often lost to history. The story of Nathan ‘Nearest’ Green, the first known African American master distiller. Headquartered in Tennessee, Uncle Nearest is an all minority-led business, whose line of products includes whiskeys aged for a decade-plus.

Uncle Nearest built themselves on an indisputable talent for distilling and sourcing the very best Tennessee whiskeys. With unique aging and filtration processes, Uncle Nearest puts a singular stamp on their whiskeys. Since debuting in July 2017, Uncle Nearest’s premium whiskeys have garnered more than 150 awards. And counting.

The Tennessee whiskey brand uses the ‘Lincoln County Process’ to mellow their whiskeys. It’s a unique filtration method where bourbons are run through sugar maple charcoal. History confirms that the process was brought to Tennessee by slaves. And taught to the most famous Tennessee whiskey maker of all time by Nearest Green.

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