About Van Drastic Vodka

All that matters to Cedar Grove, Wisconsin’s award-winning Van Drastic Vodka are three things. Fine grains. Fine vodka. And fine art. Opened in 2013, Grant van Driest, the distillery’s founder, learned that impatience can be a virtue as he set out down the path of craft distilling.

Before impatience changed his path, Grant was a burgeoning winemaker and sixth grade teacher. But he quickly tired of waiting around for the product of his winemaking. His restlessness led him to try his hand at crafting his favorite spirit. Vodka. Initially drawn in by the quicker turnaround, Grant crafted something special.

Distilled from only the best, robust Midwestern grains, each bottle of the award-winning Van Drastic Vodka showcases Grant’s mastery of vodka distillation. The bottles are adorned with a unique piece of artwork that changes each year. Even though the bottle changes, the spirit inside remains the same. 

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