About Vapor Distillery

What started as one man’s obsession with gin in an unassuming garage has flourished. That garage has turned into Vapor Distillery. And that gin has bloomed into an award-winning line of craft spirits with everything from navy strength gin to a seasonal pumpkin cordial.

Vapor Distillery was founded over a decade ago by Ted Palmer. He’s a veteran with a strong track record and a love of gin. Ted’s resume includes a career of brewing beer, and distilling ‘Bilge Wine’ during his stint in the Navy. In 2015, Ted joined forces with Alastair Brogan, a Scottish implant looking to take over the American whiskey market.

Ted and Alastair’s sensibilities come through in full award-winning force at Vapor Distillery. Using a custom still imported from Scotland, Alastair’s flair shines in the Boulder Bourbon. Ted is front-and-center in their award-winning RHOK 114 Gin, their navy strength gin. Ted and Alastair meet in the middle with their Ginskey, a barrel-aged gin that allows the gin to rest in barrels for two years.

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