About Vinn Distillery

From a backyard nearly 20-miles south of Portland, Oregon, comes America’s only Baijiu. Though you may have never heard of it, it’s the world’s most consumed spirit. And the family owned and operated Vinn Distillery is leading the stateside Baijiu charge.

Vinn Distillery is headed by the Ly family. Started by their father, Phan, in 2009, Phan didn’t need any extensive research on how to get started. He used a Baijiu recipe that has been in his family for seven generations. Since 2012, Phan’s wife and five children – whom all have the middle name ‘Vinn’ – have taken the mantle. And they’ve propelled Vinn Distillery to award-winning heights.

Vinn Distillery started on the foundations of their award-winning Baijiu, the traditional Chinese ‘white liquor.’ Historically, within the Chinese communities, Baijiu was used for honoring family, holiday toasts, celebrations, medicinal uses and everyday sipping. If you’re not feeling adventurous enough to give the Baijiu a try, Vinn Distillery also has liqueur, whiskey and vodka offerings.

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