About Violet Crown Spirits

Violet Crown Spirits is bringing the centuries old tradition of absinthe to the ‘Heart of the Lost Pines’ in Bastrop, Texas. Founded in 2015 by a trio of best friends, Violet Crown Spirits is meticulously concocting award-winning craft spirits.

Violet Crown Spirits traces its roots to absinthe’s return to the American market in 2007, when founders Matthew Manusco and Chris McLaughlin were still in graduate school. With a desktop still, Matthew started toying with absinthe recipes from the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s slowly developing a recipe that would become their Emerald Absinthe. In 2013, Matthew met Jessica Leigh Graves, his sweetheart and third leg of the Violet Crown Spirits tripod.

With some support from family, they got a warehouse space and started down their award-winning path. As a supertaster, Matthew can detect the most subtle characteristics in foods and beverages across the board. That’s great news for consumers. Their absinthe and liqueurs are jam-packed with a wide-range of floral notes, making each sip more unique than the next.

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