About Vivacity Fine Spirits

Smack dab in the middle of Oregon’s sweeping Willamette Valley is Corvallis. Home to Oregon State University, the city also boasts a craft distillery owned and operated by a married couple, Caitlin Prueitt and Chris Neumann. The award-winning Vivacity Fine Spirits is serving craft spirits sure to make you long for the Pacific Northwest.

With a degree in fermentation from Oregon State University, Caitlin spent time working in labs, wineries and breweries. She and Chris decided it was time to work for themselves, and they founded Vivacity Fine Spirits in 2011. At the time, Vivacity was the only female-owned distillery in Willamette Valley. And one of only five in the nation.

Vivacity Fine Spirits’ award-winning craft spirits cover a broad spectrum. From Turkish Coffee Liqueur to their Muscat Brandy P’isqu, a craft spirit that has Chilean and Peruvian roots. Internationally inspired craft spirits aside, try their Native Gin. A fully Oregonian spirit. With 17 locally-sourced herbs and spices, each sip of Native Gin is like a breath of fresh Oregonian air.

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