About Vokin Vodka

From its first written mention in Poland, to the open air of the Midwestern United States, vodka is a crisp, clean spirit sure to delight. Vökin Vodka, Plymouth, Michigan’s veteran owned and operated craft distillery, is producing modern and traditional vodkas that are home bar-ready.  

Vökin Vodka wasn’t born out of a hobby, or some long standing family tradition. It started as a school assignment. Owner Steve Johnson returned to school after some changes in his career field left him unemployed. Tasked with creating a business plan, he sketched out the plan for Vökin Vodka. He liked it so much that he opened the doors to his distillery in 2016.

Vökin Vodka is bringing Midwestern sensibilities to the world of craft vodka. Combining fresh Midwestern grains and crisp Great Lakes water, their self-titled Vökin Vodka gives you a taste of America’s Heartland with every sip. If you’re a stickler for tradition, their Vökin One is five-times distilled from Polish potatoes. For a sip of the old world.

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