About West Fork Whiskey Co.

The friends’ plan for West Fork Whiskey Co. was born out of their admiration of their home state and the abundance of grains produced. They have a spectrum of whiskey varieties, all made with only Indiana grain. From their unaged 2 Hour Delay whiskey to the B-Street Blues bourbon whiskey, nose to finish, you’ll find pure Indiana in every bottle.

The heartland of America is a haven for grains. In Indianapolis, there are three Indiana natives bringing bold whiskeys back to the source. Residing in an old grocery story and occasional church, West Fork Whiskey Co. is distilling award-winning, 100% Indiana whiskeys.

In 2014, West Fork Whiskey Co. was founded by three lifelong friends. David McIntyre and brothers Blake and Julian Jones had been concocting business plans from the time they were kids and their families were taking cruises together. While none of their childhood plans came to fruition, when David finished law school they knew it was time for West Fork Whiskey Co. to come to life.

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