About Western Son Distillery

Most residents in Pilot Point, Texas have a connection to what they affectionately called ‘The Old Panty Factory.’ Some had family members that worked there, making women’s and children’s pajamas. But these days, they’re not making clothes. Western Son Distillery and their flavorful craft vodkas are made within those walls.

Since 2011, the community has been making new memories over cocktails and craft spirits from Western Son. A lot of people working in the corporate world get burnt out. But not as many use that as motivation to carve out a new path and follow a passion. That’s exactly what a small group of friends did when they founded the Texas distillery.

Each of Western Son’s craft vodkas are incredibly flavorful and full of wonderful textures. They’re made in supremely small batches using corn sourced from the Midwest and locally in Texas. First run through a copper pot still, the vodkas are distilled using column still ten times for an impeccably smooth vodka you won’t find anywhere besides Western Sons.

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