About Whiskey Del Bac

Trying to liquify the Sonoran Desert sounds like a difficult task. But that’s exactly what Tucson’s family owned and operated Hamilton Distillers is doing in award-winning fashion. Each sip of their whiskeys is a celebration of the American Southwest’s meld of cultures and natural resources.

Hamilton Distillers has an origin story unlike any other. The award-winning distillery traces its beginning back to Arroyo Design, a custom furniture store. In 2006, founders Stephen and Elaine Paul were sipping scotch and barbequing with mesquite scraps from their furniture company when they had a thought. Why not malt barley over mesquite for a distinct American Southwest whiskey? A couple years of distilling practice later, Hamilton Distillers was founded in 2011.

Hamilton Distillers’ line of award-winning whiskeys is named Whiskey Del Bac. The name of the whiskeys is an homage to the cultures that occupy the American Southwest. ‘Whiskey’ is English, ‘Del’ is Spanish and ‘Bac’ is a Tohono O’odham, a Native American tribe, word. Three cultures. One region. One smooth sip.

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