About Wild Moon Liqueurs

In Hartford, Connecticut, a husband and wife owned distillery is concocting fragrant craft liqueurs. Lelaneia and Tom Dubay started Wild Moon Liqueurs to celebrate the incredible, organic botanicals that people use in their daily lives.

Wild Moon Liqueurs was founded in 2015, but got its start years earlier in the Dubay family kitchen. Lelaneia noticed that she was being affected by gluten and additives in food and beverages. So, she set out to create her own liqueur that wouldn’t bother her. The result? A precursor to Wild Moon’s Cranberry Liqueur. The sampled it with friends, family and industry professionals. The response was overwhelming. Everyone wanted more!

Wild Moon Liqueurs started with their Cranberry Liqueur. Slowly, they started growing and adding more flavors to their portfolio. Lavender, Rose, Chai Spice, Birch, Cucumber and Lime were soon to follow. Each bottle captures the essence of its namesake. Use them as a mixer, for splashes of flavor or sip and savor on its own. Either way, your tastebuds will thank you.

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