About Wolf Point Distilling

Founded in 2017, Wolf Point Distilling is dedicated to more than just making small batch spirits. Each of the award-winning spirits from Wolf Point are designed to tell a story from Chicago’s illustrious history. Even their name is an homage to the meeting point of the Chicago River’s three branches, an area integral to The Windy City’s development.

A distillery trip in Louisville, Kentucky sparked an interest in the art and science of distilling in Wolf Point’s founders. Repeated trips back turned that spark into a love and enthusiasm for the process. They learned all they could from the experts, laying a foundation of knowledge before returning to open the doors to Wolf Point.

The independent distillery has a strong focus on creating and designing spirits that speak to Chicago, and help grow the craft industry. While they focus on making batches of their craft whiskey, gin, and vodka, Wolf Point Distilling is also working with different botanicals and infusions in their dedicated lab space.

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