About Wolf Spirit Distillery

In a remodeled abandoned laundromat in Eugene, Oregon, you’ll find Mr. Pickles. The rescue pitbull plays an integral role at Wolf Spirit Distillery alongside Head Distiller Ben Green and Founder Umberto Luchini. They’re a great team of crazy, but professional, misfits, working hard to create something truly special.

After a decade and a half with a multinational liquor company, Umberto decided to take his chances and hang his own shingle. In 2017, he set up Wolf Spirit Distillery to create and market lifestyle spirit brands that are wholly unique in the US marketplace. Their craft spirits support great causes and have the power to challenge the status quo.

To shape their small batch spirits, Ben created the intuitive freeze filtration process. They describe it as putting chicken soup in the refrigerator. The cold temperatures separate fatty acids and esters, while activated carbon grabs them. Making for a cleaner, smoother, less-harsh drinking experience.

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