About Wonderbird Spirits

Three separate, but ultimately similar, stories converge within the walls of Taylor, Mississippi's Wonderbird Spirits. Though each of the three founders came to distilling from corporate careers, they have always held the craft of distilling in high esteem. Their pedestalled view of distilling led them to establish the Mississippi distillery in 2019.

Though they weren’t raised in the spirits industry, Wonderbird Spirits founders Chand Harlow, Thomas Alexander, and Rob Forster knew they wanted to distill a world-class craft gin in rural Mississippi, which isn’t an area known for such products. Before they brought their Wonderbird Gin to the public, they worked tirelessly to earn their stripes as ginsmiths.

Wonderbird Spirits is one of three distilleries in the world making gin from rice. They taught themselves a modified technique for Sake making to make their base spirit from jasmine rice sourced from the Mississippi Delta. Wonderbird Gin is made with ten botanicals, two of which are grown on-site at the Mississippi distillery.

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