Chemist Spirits

Chemist Negroni Cocktail Kit

Included in this bundle:
x1 Chemist Spirits American Gin
x1 BroVo Jammy Sweet Vermouth
x1 Revolution Amico Amaro
x1 Viski Crystal Negroni Glasses (set of 2)

Some cocktails are meant to be enjoyed with a group, and there's no better way to start off the night than with a negroni! Featuring a citrusy American gin, lush sweet vermouth, a bold amaro, and a set of dazzling crystal negroni glasses, our Negroni Cocktail Kit has everything you will need to stir up this classic drink.

  • Recipe:
    1 oz. Chemist Spirits American Gin
    1 oz. Revolution Amico Amaro
    1 oz. BroVo Jammy Sweet Vermouth
    Orange peel (optional)
  • Method:
    Add the gin, amaro, and sweet vermouth to a chilled glass filled with ice, stirring until well-chilled. Garnish with an orange peel, if desired.


Chemist Spirits American Gin:
This small batch, direct fired gin is the flagship spirit of Chemist's Signature Series. Filled with zesty tones of five citrus varieties, Chemist Spirit's American Gin gets its flavor from the vapor infusion of natural botanicals right from the North Carolina highlands. Refreshing and beautifully fragrant, this gin can be sipped all on its own or in a citrus-centric cocktail.

Revolution Amico Amaro:
Getting its name from the Italian word for “friend,” Revolution's Amico Amaro was made to be shared. Made with a range of flavorful ingredients like hibiscus, cedar, cranberries, and apollo hops, Amico Amaro brings a bitter complexity and balanced sweetness to your negroni cocktails.

BroVo Jammy Sweet Vermouth:
Lush and bold, Jammy Sweet Vermouth is a testament to BroVo Spirits' commitment to flavor. Made using a Merlot sourced from central Washington, Jammy gets its signature profile from cherries, hibiscus, ginger, cacao nibs, and decaffeinated coffee beans. Warm, sweet, and chocolatey, it's a welcome addition to any cocktail.

Viski Crystal Negroni Glasses:
Serve up an iconic cocktail better than ever with this set of glasses from Viski. The Crystal Negroni Glasses feature a sleek stillhouse and smooth rim designed specifically for this classic drink. The 8-ounce glasses also work perfectly for any old fashioned, Manhattan, or whiskey sour.


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