Corgi Spirits

Corgi Gin Gimlet Cocktail Kit


Included in this bundle:
x1 Corgi Spirits Bee Blossom Gin
x1 Pratt Standard True Rich Simple Syrup
x1 Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice
x1 Viski Angled Crystal Coupe Glasses (set of 2)

A bright springy gimlet is an easy to make cocktail, and this Gimlet Cocktail Kit makes it even easier. From the light, honey-infused gin down to a gorgeous set of coupe glasses, this cocktail bundle has everything you need to treat yourself and a guest to a pair of gimlets.

  • Recipe
    2 oz. Corgi Spirits Bee Blossom Gin
    0.75 oz. Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice
    Pratt Standard True Rich Simple Syrup to taste
  • Method
    In a cocktail shaker glass filled with ice, combine the gin and lime juice. Add in simple syrup to taste, if desired. Strain into a chilled coupe glass. 


Corgi Spirits Bee Blossom Gin:
This seasonal favorite from Corgi Spirits has made its return. Bee Blossom Gin is made with a heaping dose of local honey from Uncle Gordon's Apiary in New Jersey. Rose water, orange blossom water, and lemon peel give this craft gin such enticing aromas of wildflower, it just might bring the honeybees in.

Pratt Standard True Rich Simple Syrup:
Pratt Standard is bringing their simple syrup back to the late 19th century. True Rich Simple Syrup is made with raw demerara sugar, similar to pre-Prohibition cocktail syrups. Whether it's a gimlet or an old fashioned, this simple syrup brings extra texture to all your cocktail recipes.

Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice:
A mixology staple for over 140 years, Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice brings a long history of bartending expertise right to your home bar. From gimlets, mules, and margaritas, make them all with a splash of Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice.

Viski Angeled Crystal Coupe Glasses:
Viski stemware is rooted in centuries of Venetian glassmaking tradition, and their Angeled Crystal Coupes are no different. The precise angles of Viski's proprietary design accentuate the beauty of any cocktail you fill them with.


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