Erstwhile Mezcal

Erstwhile Mezcal Margarita Cocktail Kit


Included in this bundle:
x1 Erstwhile Espadin Mezcal
x1 Hella Cocktail Co. Margarita Mix
x1 Hella Cocktail Co. Smoked Chili Bitters
x1 Viski Crystal Whiskey Tumblers (set of 2)

Kick Margarita Mondays up a notch with a little spice and a touch of smoke. Our Mezcal Margarita Cocktail Kit makes sprucing up your margarita recipe easy. This cocktail bundle comes with a beautifully balanced mezcal, satisfyingly spicy bitters, two crystal tumblers, and margarita mix to make serving the cocktails a breeze. 

  • Recipe
    2 oz. Erstwhile Espadin Mezcal
    2 oz. Hella Cocktail Co. Margarita Cocktail Mixer
    ~ 4 dashes of Hella Cocktail Co. Smoked Chili Bitters
  • Method
    Combine mezcal and margarita mixer in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled tumbler glass filled with ice. Add in Hella Cocktail Co. Smoked Chili Bitters to taste. 


Erstwhile Espadin Mezcal:
Espadin may be a common variety of agave, but the flavors in this mezcal are anything but ordinary. For generations, the García family has been making elegant, balanced, and nuanced mezcal. Now, thanks to Erstwhile, it's available for your home bar. Sweet, savory, and a little spicy thanks to lingering ash and soft smoke, this craft mezcal is incredibly approachable.

Hella Cocktail Co. Margarita Cocktail Mixer:
Crafted with hospitality in mind, Hella Cocktail Co.'s Margarita Cocktail Mixer is made with 100% integrity and no artificial ingredients. Real juice and pure cane sugar help create a beach-front flavor that honors time-tested margarita recipes, but with  a creative twist that brings every pour to life.

Hella Cocktail Co. Smoked Chili Bitters:
Prepare to experience a taste unlike anything you've had with Hella Cocktail's Smoked Chili Bitters. Satisfyingly spicy and smokey, Hella Cocktail's smoked chilis will ensure your margaritas, old fashioneds, and Manhattans will never be the same.

Viski Crystal Whiskey Tumblers:
Beautifully weighted and perfectly clear, Viski's Crystal Whiskey Tumblers display your favorite aged spirits in all their glory. Coming in a pack of two, they can comfortably hold up to 12 oz., leaving plenty of room for an ice ball and a healthy pour of bourbon.


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