Northern Latitudes Distillery

Northern Latitudes Spicy Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit


Included in this bundle:
x1 Northern Latitudes Horseradish Vodka
x1 Black Dog Jack's Serrano Bloody Mary Mix
x1 Aqua Bubble Tumblers (set of 2)

Struggle no longer with overly complicated recipes! Our Spicy Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit makes the signature brunch cocktail easy while also kicking it up a notch. This cocktail kit comes with everything you'll need to spice up Sunday morning brunch: craft vodka with a bite, mildly spicy cocktail mix, and glasses big enough to hold the cocktail and all its trappings. 

  • Recipe:
    2 oz. Northern Latitudes Horseradish Vodka
    4 oz. Black Dog Jack's Serrano Bloody Mary Mix
    Celery stalk for garnish (optional)
  • Method:
    Add vodka and drink mix into a shaker filled with ice. Shake gently until well-chilled and strain into a cooled glass. Garnish with a celery stalk, if desired.


Northern Latitudes Horseradish Vodka:
This craft vodka has bite, in all the best ways.The key ingredient to one of the best Bloody Mary recipes, Northern Latitudes Distillery's Horseradish Vodka is filled with all the heat of raw horseradish root. If you're something of a heat seeker, this fiery libation needs to be in your hands.

Black Dog Jack's Serrano Bloody Mary Mix:
Thanks to Black Dog Distillery, pouring the perfect Bloody Mary is just a two-step process. Jack's Serrano Bloody Mary Mix is made with green serrano chile peppers to give the famous brunch cocktail recipe a mild kick. Only rated at a 4 out of 10 on the heat scale, this Bloody Mary Mix is the perfect introduction to spicing up your cocktail.

Aqua Bubble Tumblers:
Beautifully hued with a series of small bubbles suspended in gold-rimmed glass, these 16-ounce Aqua Bubble Tumblers are big enough to handle everything your Bloody Mary can throw at them.







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