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The Lovely Liqueur Spirit Box


There's no shortage of ways to enjoy liqueur. For centuries, the spirit has been enjoyed as a digestif, an aperitif, simply over ice, or as a cocktail's shining star. With six small batch liqueurs packed into each sample box, The Lovely Liqueur Spirit Box is a crash course in the world's most versatile spirit.

On top of the six spirits, every box comes with an exclusive promo code.


6 x 50ml

Bottle 1:

Probably Shouldn't Blueberry Pie Liqueur

Bottle 2:

Ogden's Own Porter's Peach Liqueur

Bottle 3:

Wood's High Fleur de Sureau Elderflower Liqueur

Bottle 4:

Black Button Bourbon Cream Liqueur

Bottle 5:

Willie's Coffee Cream Liqueur

Bottle 6:

Boot Hill Prickly Ash Bitters (Amaro)

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