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The Uncommon Collection Spirit Box

If the road less traveled is constantly calling your name, The Uncommon Collection Spirit Box is an adventure in craft you'll want to explore. The emphasis is on the unconventional in this sampler pack filled with uncommon libations. Broaden your beverage horizons with the robust rarities inside this sample box.


6 x 50ml

Bottle 1:

Mystic Mountain Distillery Citrus Burst Moonshine

Bottle 2:

Ghost Coast Distillery Honey Whiskey

Bottle 3:

Muddy River Distillery Basil Carolina Rum

Bottle 4:

Young & Yonder Spirits Fellows & Foragers Absinthe

Bottle 5:

Willie’s Distillery Huckleberry Sweet Cream Liqueur

Bottle 6:

Litchfield Distillery Coffee Bourbon

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