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The Vodka Virtuoso Spirit Box


Vodka is often thought of as a neutral spirit. A blank canvas used to accentuate other brighter ingredients. But the independent distilleries featured in this sample box do away with the notion of a blank canvas. With every bottle of craft vodka, they present a fully realized piece of art. Works of art keenly curated in this sampler pack.

On top of the six spirits, every box comes two more uncommon additions. Accompanying cocktail recipes, and a coupon card for $10 off your next order for $50 or more!

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6 x 50ml

Bottle 1:

Old Dominick Distillery Honeybell Citrus Vodka

Bottle 2:

Young & Yonder Spirits Distiller’s Series Lime Vodka

Bottle 3:

Ghost Coast Distillery Orange Vodka

Bottle 4:

Mr. Tom’s Spirits Sugar-Free Vodka

Bottle 5:

Crostwater Distilled Spirits Vodka

Bottle 6:

Willie’s Distillery Snowcrest Vodka

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