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The Whiskey Revolution Spirit Box

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The Whiskey Revolution Spirit Box

Product Description

For far too long, your bar cart has been populated by the same tired whiskeys. It's time for a change, and independent distillers from all across the country are answering the call. Their robust craft whiskeys packed in this sample box are leading the charge. Get your sampler pack, fill your glass, and join the revolution.

Product Information


6 x 50ml

Bottle 1:

Boot Hill Distillery Red Eye Whiskey

Bottle 2:

Manifest Distilling Rye Whiskey

Bottle 3:

Mr. Tom’s Spirits Cinnamon Whiskey

Bottle 4:

Litchfield Distillery Maple Bourbon Whiskey

Bottle 5:

Mystic Mountain Distillery Aces High Whiskey

Bottle 6:

Willie’s Distillery Genuine Canadian Whisky