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Appalachian Gap Distillery

Ridgeline Vermont Whiskey

Ridgeline Vermont Whiskey

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Before the inception of Appalachian Gap Distillery, Ridgeline Vermont Whiskey was a bottle that the distillers had on their mind. Rich and reminiscent of bourbon and Irish whiskey, but with a character all its own. Whiskies aged in old bourbon barrels, new American oak barrels and port wine barrels are blended into one distinct whiskey. The Ridgeline Vermont Whiskey. It smells like crisp autumn fruits, and develops flavors of dried fruit, vanilla, leather and tobacco. It lingers with sweetness and char.

Abv: 49.0

Proof: 98.0


Aroma: Cedar, Mint, Dried Fruit, Notes of Vanilla

Taste: Crisp Autumn Fruit Notes that Gain Spice and Warmth, Developing Flavors of Dried Fruit, Vanilla, Lea

Finish: Warm, Sweet Spice, Nutty Notes Followed by a Clean Burn

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